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Research showed that 75% of users have improved melatonin, IQ and DHEA,
and decreased in cortisol after using binaural beats.
IQ increase on average
increase in melatonin
(sleep better)
increase in DHEA
decrease in cortisol

People about Brainwaves

"Great for manifestation"
After so much of exploring got this app. Just that which I wanted. Every type of situation and desire can be fulfilled by this app. You can relax, have deep sleep, memorize everything, study focused and deep meditation.
"Reduce my anxiety"
I Love this App. It's something I needed at this time of my Life. I'm dealing with Stress, Depression & Anxiety among other things.
"Best brainwaves app"
It is a great app. It has really helped me a lot since I installed it on my phone. I listen to it every time I want to. The backgrounds are very inspiring, especially the beta wave.

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