600+ Brainwaves for Better Manifestation, Sleep, Spiritual Healing
23% IQ increase on average
98% increase in melatonin (sleep better)
43% increase in DHEA
46% decrease in cortisol (stress)
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Sources: Siegfried Othmer neurofeedback research on participants using brainwave training.

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We’re the No.1 specialized brainwave website and app for boosting your mind of Manifestation, Healing, Brain Function, Sleep and Relaxation, and more.

Brainwaves is passionate about strengthening your mental and physical well-being with brainwave entrainment including Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats.

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Wonderful experience. I've been so busy and over tired. This put me out like a light and i had a fantastic sleep, just now. Thank you for this app ♡
This program is Awesome! I use it at home, before sleep, when walking my dog with headphones...it is my Go To!!! Highly Recommended.
Arnoldo Torphy
This app has helped me sleep better at night. I love all the short sessions I can listen to on my break time to recenter my attitude while at work.
Gibbons Bullpen
The waves of sounds are so amazing you can feel it working deep in your body & you remain relaxed and just enjoy every moment of it!!!! Thanks
Mann Carlisle
This app goes beyond my expectations. I get to sleep sooner than usual when I use, this app. Once I am asleep, I sleep deeper than I'm accustomed to.
Dayana Satterfield
I love this app, it fits me perfectly cause it has a lot of good benefits. It's everything I've been looking for in an app