Today we’d like to talk about the importance of reaction time.  In life, there are two factors that decide whether you succeed or not. The first is what you do, and the second is how quickly you do it. Imagine all the times you entered a conversation and couldn’t think of the right thing to say, only to later come across the perfect words for the situation. And what about other situations, if your reaction time is slow and sluggish, you won’t be able to more important and potentially disastrous situations as swiftly as you should be able to. 

Wit is simply finding a clever thing to say delivered with excellent timing. And if your mind is slow at thinking something up you miss the timing aspect of it and your word is less than half as effective as it would have been if delivered on time. But in order to constantly be engaged, you have to actually build these pathways. Quick reaction capability is also one essential part of good brain function. Brainwaves is a well-designed website and mobile app to improve brain function.

By introducing our reaction time entrainment therapy into your routine, you are actually changing your brainwave patterns in ways that create new neural pathways in your brain. These neural pathways are the highways on which your thoughts travel. By creating a familiarity in the paths connected to reaction, you are actually introducing a far faster reaction superhighway in your brain. You can just time yourself to find the incredible results after using our program Reaction Time.

In studying the way the mind works in those largely considered quick on their feet we can better understand exactly what state the mind must be in in order to react quickly. And in this way we can allow the shift in consciousness to take place more with the quickness you need to get results. 

Remember with reaction time that there is a process always going on. Your goal is to minimize the amount of time between your observation of external stimuli, choosing the correct response, and finally following through with action. Surprises come at us all the time in life and in order to stay competitive we need the constant coordination that comes with having almost superhuman reaction time. When you think of the demands placed on you in order to be successful in today’s competitive environment there is really no other option.

So if something happens you’ll need to know ahead of time what you should do. Part of improved reaction time is the constant and subconscious calculation of what you need to do if the unexpected arises.

How do we accomplish this? Remove the element of surprise from the world around us. If it can happen, your mind has to be ready for it. And one of the major problems is we are only ready for the normal mundane habits of our every day routine.

If someone suddenly tosses an athlete a football the athlete immediately moves his arms into place to catch it. If the same football is thrown with the same speed at someone who hasn’t caught a ball in weeks, months, or even years there will be a process where the person is surprised and has to calculate what to do. Not only does this result in slowed reaction, but it also results in undesirable results. The trick is quite simple. Take the same principle that makes the athlete move to catch immediately and automatically and apply it universally to everything in your environment through brainwave harmonizing. You’d be surprised how universally applicable the same principle is to everything in your environment. When your mind becomes used to it you expect it.  By taking away the element of surprise from the universe we ensure we will never be caught off guard.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on conditioning your mind to react quickly to your environment. By improving your reaction time you will be able to conquer any adversity that comes your way and seize new opportunities before your competition gets the better of you. 

Last modified: June 24, 2021