Imagine the following scenario. You’re in a room and you’re trying to do something that requires your attention (you could be reading, watching a movie, meditating, or anything) when suddenly someone comes into the room talking on their cell phone. Not wanting to tell them to leave, you try to focus and concentrate again and again on what you’re doing but pretty soon your attention begins to wander. You have no choice but to continue thinking on your project, but occasionally words slip through and you find pretty soon all of your attention is being paid to not paying attention. Or you could be sitting in a class or seminar trying to pay attention to what’s going on around you when suddenly you start thinking – perhaps out of nowhere – about other things happening in your life or a conversation you had earlier. It’s not time to think about that, so you refocus your attention. But it keeps drifting away. Why is this?

Our minds have a specific frequency at which they operate when we’re paying attention to something. By improving our mental control we are able to pick up on conversations, memorize them, read books easily and with a full and vivid imagination, and even drive better. But when our attention drifts any number of things can go wrong. So we developed a special entrainment therapy that unlocks the brain’s ability to focus on any task at hand without the use of pills or artificial substances. You can find our brain waves for focus and concentration. Listen to the Attention Disorder recording and get started from the brain waves for focus and concentration today!

You may have suffered from a lack of attention to the things around you for a long time or you might just find yourself in an environment where distractions are the norm. Whatever the case, your brain is actually changing when you are being distracted. And the more easily you’re distracted one day, the more you will focus on distractions the next. Television is an excellent example of this. We focus on visual entertainment and our minds drop into a haze often referred to as “mind fog.” And this fog can actually affect the way you behave in your environment. If you’re one of those who find themselves forgetting just how long they’ve been watching television or surfing the internet, you probably know what this mental fog can be like. Low alpha states of mental activity can be helpful in many circumstances, but in the case of things like television they can actually be detrimental if not checked or counterbalanced. The included brain waves for focus and concentration Attention Disorder is one solution to that.

So how do you get this balance? How do you take your attention back and look back on the world the way you always wanted to? Well the answer is the same as it is with all things. It’s just a matter of changing your mind.

First, consider making your environment one that isn’t filled with distractions. It might be counterintuitive, but actually having a simpler living situation with fewer distractions helps tune your mind to fight against distractions. If you’re not intending to watch television, leave it off. Try embracing the silence of your house every now and again. Sit and talk with people without sitting at your laptop or using your phone. Try activities that are low intensity for a little while rather than high intensity ones that require you to shift your attention back and forth a lot. And of course, above all else the most direct way to improve the way your brain pays attention is by training your brainwaves directly. Just as we alter our state of consciousness when we do something, the reverse can happen as well. By training your brain with Attention Disorder brain waves for focus and concentration, you can actually improve your abilities in a concrete appreciable way right away.

Keep in mind that all the aspects of our lives are a mixture of different stimuli and deciding which ones you will pay attention to from moment to moment is entirely up to you. And as long as you’re focusing on only one task at a time you can ensure you will perform at your peak capacity at all times. This will ensure you not only enjoy life more but will make all things you have to do in the future easier.

Thank you for taking the time to read our introduction to attention span restoration. Start from our brain waves for focus and concentration, and have a safe and enlightened journey!

Last modified: July 12, 2021